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Cut Out & Keep – Oxford

I was recently asked to write an article for crafting website Cut Out & Keep, on the subject of Oxford. They have very kindly allowed me to publish it on my own blog too! I hope that you enjoy reading it.

Oxford – the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ – is steeped in history and knowledge. It has spectacular architecture, glorious open spaces, and its own unique brand of eccentricity. It is probably best known for its university, and, with so many students living here, there’s an atmosphere of new beginnings, dreams and aspirations…

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Day Twenty-Seven – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

I’d had this rainbow fabric for a while and so today I finally got around to turning it into a circle scarf. I was short on time when I made it so neglected to make the stripes match up properly – a lesson learned for next time.

#whilefacebookwasdown I made a #rainbow #circlescarf for day 27 of #30doc

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Happily it has found a new home, away from the eyes of this picky perfectionist!

Day Six – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was flower so I planned a future embroidery project with a little indirect inspiration from the lovely Dearest Jackdaw. I’ll stitch this up as a bit of embroidery hoop wall art when I can find that embroidery hoop I bought the other day! I know it’s around here somewhere…

Day Ten – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

I’ve had to think about this one for about a fortnight before coming up with an idea that I was happy with. The theme was ‘8 bit’, that pixelated style that those of us born in the 70s and 80s are familiar with from computer games, back in the day. I love how this turned out, considering I’ve only done cross-stitch once before – does anyone recognise it?

Now I’m thinking that I could have done the little characters from the game ‘Lemmings’ instead, but I think I’ll save that for a future 30DoC.


Self assembly

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of crafty kits and workshops that are available. I can think of a couple of places off the top of my head whose basic raison d’être is to offer classes and workshops in various craft-related skills (The Make Lounge and The Makery) and several other shops that offer workshops as a sort of extra to help people get to grips with sewing/jewellery making/knitting etc.

I imagine that most of the appeal of going to a workshop, or buying something in kit form, comes down to a) people wanting to try a new skill without having to buy all the materials and equipment, only to find they don’t like it and b) getting that feeling of satisfaction from having made something, without jumping in at the deep end and having to work it all out oneself.

I personally like the idea of little kits. I’ve spotted some great ones on Etsy, including this constellation embroidery kit, a kit containing everything you’d need to cross stitch a rooster, terrarium kits, even an anatomical heart needle felting kit. Buttons and threadI’d like to make some of my own to sell in my Etsy shop, but I’m a bit stuck on what kind of kit to make. What button-related craft would you buy in kit form? I’ve had a few ideas:

– simplified button bracelets (or earrings) in kit form
– ‘pick your own’ laser cut jewellery to assemble yourself
– something to sew together
– button/embroidery kits including a hoop

Any suggestions gratefully received!


Day Twenty Three – 30 Days of Creativity

The 30 Days of Creativity theme for today is ‘plaid’ aka checked fabric. Somehow I only had one type of ‘plaid’ fabric in my not insignificant stash. As I didn’t have very much of it any kind of clothing was out of the question so, inspired by Battersea Dogs & Cat’s Home’s recently launched ‘Cat Knit’, I whipped up a little catnip toy for my cats instead:

Catnip toy

I don’t really go in for the typical fish/bird/mouse shapes when I make toys for my cats, because a) it would be more for my amusement than theirs, b) they’d blatantly scratch/bite/kick off all the extra bits I’d  carefully sewn on to enhance said fish/bird/mouse and c) it’s just a whole lot easier to make a rectangle than a fish shape.

It’s not stuffed with polyester filling as based on previous experience it just ends up escaping and I have to patch the toys up every five minutes. With this style, they literally just lick it, the ‘filling’ isn’t wedged in so the toy doesn’t usually explode catnip everywhere and they love the ribbons too!

UPDATE: Gave the toy to one of my cats almost quarter of an hour ago and she’s still rolling around with it, rubbing her face on it and licking it!


Day Sixteen – 30 Days of Creativity

Today’s creation was very quick and easy, following instructions from my friend Scrapiana‘s article in Issue 2 of Mollie Makes magazine. Her strawberry emery pincushions adorn the front cover and there’s a step-by-step guide inside to show you how to make your own. I went for the looped ribbon top for my strawberry, as I don’t have any pinking shears to make a fabric cap, or a beading needle to make a beaded cap. I didn’t have any emery sand to hand either so had to make do with polyester stuffing and just create a normal pincushion:

Strawberry pincushion