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Day Twenty-Five – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was ‘sun’ so although I was tempted to do something with the sun brooch that I created on a previous 30DoC, in the end I created a temporary paper-based artwork featuring both the sun and the moon:


Day Twenty – 30 Days of Creativity

It was my mother and her new husband’s first wedding anniversary yesterday, so I decided to try and make them something out of paper, as the traditional gift for a one year wedding anniversary is paper.

I’m not really one for cards, and I knew I wanted to make something. I was aiming for simple-but-effective-and-ideally-not-too-expensive! Initially I had what I thought was a brilliant idea of making an origami rooster and hen, as they keep chickens and they could stand the little paper figures on a shelf or something. However my internet searches proved fruitless in finding a) an origami chicken that actually looked properly like a chicken or b) a suitable pattern that I could actually fold. So after hours of searching and the creation of many mangled pseudo-chickens out of paper, I decided to make origami hearts instead – much simpler! I got my brother to make one while I did the other so it’s really a gift from both of us. I used a double sided sticky foam pad to stick the hearts to some tiny canvases I’d had for ages, so they’re ready to stand on the mantelpiece or sideboard or wherever they feel like displaying them (assuming they’ll want to)!


Origami heartsIf you’re wondering why I didn’t make these for yesterday if that’s when their anniversary was, well, they’re on holiday all week so I have a bit of leeway with my gifting!