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Back in the day, I was very much into anything to do with the environment. I was into recycling, saving the animals, protecting the rainforests, you name it!

As I got older, and had more life stuff to think about, I began to lose some of my eco-focus. Not all of it: I still recycled; I avoided anything that might be particularly harmful to the planet; I used canvas bags as an alternative to plastic bags for years before the 5p bag tax was introduced. But I just lost interest and got a bit lax with my habits over time.

A new friend has inspired me to get back into being a treehugger again. She’s doing a project for a year (at least) that involves living a lifestyle that generates zero waste – with a focus on single-use plastic. When she first told me about this, it made me realise that I’d lost sight of how I used to be, and that I should probably make more effort!

She’s recording her efforts and thoughts on the project over on Instagram. My favourite photo (so far) can be found here, and it’s my favourite because of the caption she added:

{ Plastic Free July tips – for everyday… }
Whenever I leave the house, I nearly always have my [Kleen Kanteen] waterbottle and my keepcup with me – I love them so much, they fit in my bag, and it’s super easy. It means that I never really need to buy bottled water, as I can normally find somewhere to refill, and I can always have tea/coffee on the go. I also normally carry a cotton tote bag, in case I buy anything and need some way to carry it. If I’m going out for the day (or longer), I will often also carry a container (such as a jar, or old tupperware) and a spoon/fork, in case I want to buy lunch, or a snack, on the go. If I forget these things, which I do, coz I’m only human …then I will just enjoy tea, or a meal sitting down which is a nice way to slow down a bit anyway. Sometimes I will even pop a stainless steel straw into my bag…

I’m terrible for rushing around all the time so the idea of having a proper sit-down meal as the ‘green’ option really resonated with me. It would actually be more effective at making me slow down than any kind of concern for my own personal welfare!

It’s very early days for me and I’m clearly not as experienced as Hannah in these matters, but I’m going to concentrate on improving things bit by bit and see how I get on.

I’m going to try to get back into upcycling and recons too, so hopefully I will have some craft and design based posts to share soon.

What are your tips for living a greener life?



Day Fourteen – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was rain, and happily it was raining! As I already have rain-themed jewellery in my Etsy shop I thought it might be interesting to use the rain to help to create something.

I tried out my new Sharpies first, but even with a good soaking they weren’t budging (kudos to Sharpies for being indestructible):

So I went down the ink route and finally managed to get some mini chromatography going on:

I’m pretty pleased with the result – simple but effective.

Day Three – 30 Days of Creativity

Today’s theme is ‘peace’ and whilst I considered going down the peace symbol, dove, olive branch route, in the end I decided to focus on inner peace. ‘Om‘ is often used as a meditation mantra so I combined it with some of my houseplant art as a calming reminder to slow down and take some deep breaths every once in a while. I expect I will lasercut this next time I’m at my cutter, so there might be some jewellery to follow!

Day Eight – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

Today’s creation has been a little hastily put together. It could definitely be improved upon, and I think as a basic idea it’s definitely something worth developing.

The theme was ‘bonsai’ so I decided to try and make a laser cut acrylic bonsai brooch. It’s got three layers which have proved difficult to glue properly whilst rushing around trying to do one hundred (or so!) other things. I’ll have to adjust the design to make the structure stronger. I was also initially going to make the smaller bough in the same colour as the rest of the tree, and decided at the last minute to change to a brighter green, which hasn’t photographed well, and to be honest I think using the same colour would probably work best. What do you think?

Apologies for the rushed photos!