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Day Twelve – 30 Days of Creativity 2012 – Friendship bracelet

The suggested theme for today is ‘string’, with the remark, ‘add a knitting needle and you can make anything’. Well, I’m still learning that whole knitting malarkey and definitely wouldn’t be able to whip up anything worthwhile yet. I decided to make something that I was actually good at making and thus settled on creating a friendship bracelet (I made a couple for last year’s 30DoC). I toyed with the idea of finding some actual string and making a sort of ‘natural’ friendship bracelet but decided I would a) have more fun and b) be much more likely to wear it if I used some nice brightly coloured embroidery thread. With the London 2012 Olympic Games less than seven weeks away, I thought it would be topical to do something related to them. My initial thoughts were to use the colours of the Olympic rings, but sadly I had no blue embroidery thread. What to do? Then I spotted that I had two lovely shades of red and a very nice deep purple colour. I’m going to be a GamesMaker (Olympic volunteer) this summer, and those are the colours of the uniform. I whipped up this bracelet using the simplest method of making friendship bracelets (making the knot with one thread around all of the other ones, instead of just the one next to it) which creates the lovely spiral effect:

It’s hard to tell in the pictures but there are definitely two reds, one a deep shade and one a more tomatoey orange shade.



My Best Friend’s Wedding

My best friend got married at the weekend, and what a lovely occasion it was. The bride looked lovely, the groom scrubbed up well and a good time was had by all. I may even have had a tear in my eye at some of the more emotionally-charged parts of the day (must be getting sentimental in my old age)!

Some of you might remember me mentioning wedding favours on day 17 of my 30 Days of Creativity – well, this was the wedding they were for. The colour scheme was pink and grey so I made *thirty-four* button bracelets as favours for the ladies. Each bracelet used twenty buttons (instead of the forty or so that I would usually use) and had a pink heart shaped button on the dangle chain – thought it would be appropriate, given that weddings are usually about love and all that stuff!

I think button bracelets look nicer when the buttons are all different, and every bracelet is unique. So, instead of buying 300 or so of the same button in pink and grey, I decided to buy button mixes. I used a couple of Etsy sellers for them: JamboChameleon was very helpful when I told her my requirements for grey/silver buttons and although the buttons had to come all the way from Australia I didn’t have to wait too long for them. I asked SchOOLLOcker, from whom I had previously purchased a gorgeous rainbow selection of buttons, to help me out with the pink buttons, and the selection that she sent was just what I needed.

The bride asked me to sort out some packaging for the bracelets and so I decided to go with a pink favour box, containing some sparkly grey tissue paper with the button bracelet nestled in the middle. I’ll admit to being a little nervous as I sat at my designated table at the reception – what if people didn’t like them? But luckily they all loved them, I saw loads of people wearing their bracelets throughout the evening, and apparently everyone was saying what a nice idea they were for favours!

What are the most unusual favours you’ve ever received at a wedding?


Day Twenty One – 30 Days of Creativity – Friendship bracelet

Today’s creation was pretty quick but it took me a little while to get the hang of the backwards knots again! It’s the friendship bracelet my brother requested when he saw me making my kakapo-themed version. He picked out the colours himself, and I set myself the challenge of making it in a nice masculine chevron pattern, something I never quite got the hang of when I was making these the first time round (age 10).

Manly friendship bracelet

It’s a bit wonky in places, but not bad for a first attempt!


Day Seventeen – 30 Days of Creativity – Grey and pink button bracelet wedding favours

This was just a quick one, a friend of mine has asked me to make button bracelet favours for the female guests at her forthcoming wedding. This was a little sample one to check I was making what she had in mind!

Pink and grey button bracelet

I’ll be doing a whole separate blog post about these bracelets at some point so I won’t bore you with any further details for now…


Day Thirteen – 30 Days of Creativity – Astronomy-inspired bracelet

I’ve got a selection of clean, empty yoghurt pots in my craft room – bear with me, this is relevant, I promise – which contain combinations of beads and buttons which at some point will eventually be made into jewellery. Today I fancied making a beaded bracelet so I used my ‘Stardust’-inspired yoghurt-pot-of-beads and came up with this lovely bracelet:

Stardust bracelet

The bead choices were inspired by the film and book ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman, both of which I love. I also had general astronomy in mind when choosing the beads so they’re supposed to suggest the idea of stars, galaxies, twilight, the sun and moon…I’d be interested to know if I’ve got that idea across successfully!


Day Twelve – 30 Days of Creativity – Friendship bracelet

I’ve been planning to make a friendship bracelet as part of the 30 Days of Creativity since it started. So today I sat down and started making knots. Amazingly I’d not forgotten how to do it…

Friendship bracelet

It’s loosely based on the colours of the kakapo parrot, though ideally I’d have needed some pale yellow and white too. It took about an hour to make, and it’s really made me want to dig out the friendship bracelet book I had when I was a teenager and try some of the more exotic variations. I used to make friendship bracelets all the time when I was younger, pinning the threads to my school skirt at breaktime…ah, halcyon days!

My brother wandered in while I was making this one and predictably has requested one for himself, so you may well see that on a future Day of Creativity!