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Cut Out & Keep – Oxford

I was recently asked to write an article for crafting website Cut Out & Keep, on the subject of Oxford. They have very kindly allowed me to publish it on my own blog too! I hope that you enjoy reading it.

Oxford – the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ – is steeped in history and knowledge. It has spectacular architecture, glorious open spaces, and its own unique brand of eccentricity. It is probably best known for its university, and, with so many students living here, there’s an atmosphere of new beginnings, dreams and aspirations…

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Day Twenty Eight – 30 Days of Creativity

Quick creation today – a pair of earrings for which I’ve had the buttons and beads hanging around in a yoghurt pot of dreams for ages and ages. Decided to put them all together today, had a moment of doubt in the middle of making them about how well they’d turn out but they look good, better ‘on’ (ie. in my ears) than off but it’s much easier to photograph them when they’re not attached to my head!

Nautical earrings

I was aiming for a nautical vibe with those lovely navy and white striped beads (though they look darker in the pics). Might keep an eye out for some nautical charms so that I can go for full-on sailor style!


Day Fourteen – 30 Days of Creativity


This is the first of my ‘must do’ projects which I’ve known about for months yet am leaving till the very last minute!

Darn It & Stitch is a lovely little sewing shop tucked away down a back street in Oxford. I’ve only actually been there once but will definitely be visiting again next time I’m in Oxford (and may even make a special trip to do one of their workshops). Their first birthday is on Saturday and they’ve asked people to make a Stitched Birthday Cake – stitched, knitted, quilted, embroidered or crocheted, pretty much anything goes!

I spent some time trawling around on the internet for cupcake pincushion tutorials this evening, and the cake below is an amalgam of about four different cakes. It’s not the neatest (I could have done with white fleece or felt for the top, and to not have been in such a rush!) but I hope the lovely DI&S ladies will like it. Hopefully it will sneak its way into some of the photos that will inevitably be taken at Saturday’s birthday party.

Darn It & Stitch - Birthday Cupcake Pincushion

I’ll pop it in the post tomorrow and hope it gets there on time!


Day Thirteen – 30 Days of Creativity

I’ve got a selection of clean, empty yoghurt pots in my craft room – bear with me, this is relevant, I promise – which contain combinations of beads and buttons which at some point will eventually be made into jewellery. Today I fancied making a beaded bracelet so I used my ‘Stardust’-inspired yoghurt-pot-of-beads and came up with this lovely bracelet:

Stardust bracelet

The bead choices were inspired by the film and book ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman, both of which I love. I also had general astronomy in mind when choosing the beads so they’re supposed to suggest the idea of stars, galaxies, twilight, the sun and moon…I’d be interested to know if I’ve got that idea across successfully!