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My first blog feature!

Just a quick note to share that one of my Aqua Marina necklaces has been featured in the Etsy for Animals blog as part of their Sea Turtle themed post.

Sea Turtle

It’s the first time someone has featured one of my items on their blog, so I’m pretty excited! I am actually a member of Etsy for Animals so they didn’t randomly stumble across me on Etsy but it’s still good to get a little bit of attention.

New range of laser cut jewellery coming soon …



Aqua Marina (Or, a bit of shameless self-promotion)

I’m going to apologise in advance for the aforementioned shameless self-promotion!

I’ve been working on a new range of laser cut acrylic jewellery recently that I thought I’d share with you all in order to get feedback and ideas for improvements. I had fun creating my mini Christmas range but wanted to create a non-seasonal range, and one that, as a member of the Etsy for Animals team, I could use to raise a bit of money for animal charities.

So, where to start? Well, I pondered this for a bit then remembered I’d fallen in love with the manatees on Last Chance To See, a televisual update (with Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine) of one of my favourite books of all time (Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams), so I designed a manatee necklace:

Manatee necklace

Having created the first piece of the collection I decided to take the marine theme and run with it – hence the name Aqua Marina! All the pieces will include a donation to an appropriate charity – at the moment I will be donating to Fauna and Flora International (as supported by Stephen Fry) and the Rainforest Alliance, unless anyone can suggest other, reputable, more specific charities for each of the species I’ve ‘made’.

Sea Turtle  Shark  Starfish   

Sand DollarJellyfish

I decided not to decorate these pieces with buttons and cabochons (a la my Christmas items) because I want the simplicity of the shape to show through (though the rainbow tentacles on the jellyfish are admittedly pretty bling!). I’d love to know what you think of my creations, and if you have suggestions for other marine themed necklaces that I could make…