Day Twenty-Five – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was ‘sun’ so although I was tempted to do something with the sun brooch that I created on a previous 30DoC, in the end I created a temporary paper-based artwork featuring both the sun and the moon:


Day Twenty-One – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was ‘games’ so initially I was going down the Olympics route… but then decided to do a flashback to a board game that I designed as part of my Open University degree:

Day Nineteen – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was bird, and because my favourite bird is a kakapo, I made a cartoony twirly-whirly kakapo pattern (albeit he has the wrong number of toes…):

Day Eighteen – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

The theme for day 18 was crown so I played around with patterns in Inkscape again and made this, inspired by paper party hats:

Day Seventeen – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was Autumn and I’d had an idea a while back to do something involving autumn leaves or seeds. It seems autumn is late in coming this year because I really struggled to find any decent amounts of turning leaves or ripe seeds. I found one solitary tiny conker!

In the end I found a nice photogenic acorn at my mother’s house and decided to create some quick and simple doodle art around it:

Day Sixteen – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

I’m disappointed with myself on this one. Seems it’s harder to draw a fairy cake on a computer than you might think. Perhaps cupcakes are easier?

Day Fifteen – 30 Days of Creativity

‘Textile’ was a tough theme. I have a much smaller fabric stash than I used to, and hadn’t really planned this one enough to make something. So, instead, I arranged some fabric that I had set aside for a future project, and created a pattern out of it. Someone said it reminded them of stripy liquorice allsorts!