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Day Three – 30 Days of Creativity

Today’s theme is ‘peace’ and whilst I considered going down the peace symbol, dove, olive branch route, in the end I decided to focus on inner peace. ‘Om‘ is often used as a meditation mantra so I combined it with some of my houseplant art as a calming reminder to slow down and take some deep breaths every once in a while. I expect I will lasercut this next time I’m at my cutter, so there might be some jewellery to follow!


Project 52 – Week One

My New Year’s Resolutions continue to help me get creative. For my photo project resolution, I’ve decided to do a Project 52: one photo a week for a whole year. One a week is a nice gentle start and it means that I can really be picky about any particular week’s photo.

This week, I was struck by the contrasting colours and shapes of this old roof. The regular square orange tiles and the round green mosses dotted randomly are a very good example of man vs nature.


Would anyone like to suggest a theme for this week’s photo?


Day Twenty Five – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

Today’s theme  is ‘blue’, so as it was a lovely sunny day I headed outside with my camera to capture the gloriousness of the blue sky. After messing around with the photos in my graphics programme, I came up with the background for the picture below, which reminded me so much of an inspirational card that I once had that I added the quote too. Always makes me feel good about myself when I read it!

What are your favourite inspirational quotes?


Day Eleven – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

Today’s theme was ‘orange’, for which the good people at @createstuff suggested “The sun, a tabby cat, or your morning juice”, and also said

You can’t have a bad day when you’re surrounded by orange.

Well, I happen to have a ginger tabby – she’s more strawberry blonde than true ginger but she’s definitely orange, and that’s all that matters today!

I took a picture of her a while back looking like some kind of propaganda poster, so I decided to oomph it up a little (and yes, that is a technical term):

Maggie Kitten

Sadly since I moved to my new laptop I only have Fireworks CS3 at my disposal – imagine all the spectacular things I could have done to this photo in Photoshop! Sigh.

Do you think she looks dramatic enough?


Day Two – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

Today’s 30 Days of Creativity theme was ‘Fire’. I struggled a bit with this one, but soon hit upon the idea of using tealights and attempting the popular shaped bokeh effect with my camera. It’s a pretty straightforward technique (as detailed here). I cut a little heart out of some black paper, and then stuck the paper over the end of my lens and attempted some tealight bokeh (sounds dangerous, eh?!). I was having no luck whatsoever and returned, disheartened, to my laptop to read up more on the technique. I suddenly realised that all of the tutorials were calling for f1.8 (a technical term I won’t bore you with the details of – unless you’re a photographer, in which case you know what it means) but alas! my lens only goes down to f3.5. This is the best I managed with my not-quite-up-to-the-job lens:

After my bokeh fail I decided to be satisfied with some tealight art in the style of my houseplant art, so here you go:

Hopefully I’ll be able to invest in a couple more lenses and/or a ‘better’ camera at some point, then I can indulge in bokeh to my heart’s content!

What would you like to acquire in order to try a new technique – perhaps a kiln, sewing machine or even just the knowledge of how to do something?