Day One – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

Today’s theme was trees so I went with a lasercut leaf theme, based on elm leaves. I couldn’t decide whether to ink the centre vein on each of them to make it stand out a bit more, but I erred on the side of Nature and kept it subtle in the end.

Elm leaf necklace
Elm leaf necklace
Elm leaf earrings


One response to “Day One – 30 Days of Creativity 2015

  1. I love the tree-inspired jewellery, it’s really pretty.

    I was really excited about the start of our very own 30 DoC, but I was very conscious that last time I did it I kept starting things I was unlikely to finish on time. With that in mind I went out at lunchtime to get some inspiration, and some photos – in case I was too tired to do much once I got home.

    I absolutely love trees, so I really enjoyed spending time just looking at them, and I saw lots of really impressive trees just a few minutes from my workplace. Tree photos:

    I had different ideas in the day – making a Hama bead coaster with a tree, or embroidering a tree in lovely autumnal colours – but I decided to draw from one of the photos. I was out of my comfort zone doing a rough sketch and adding colour rather than working to make it very crisp (my usual style) but I really enjoyed it and I’m fairly pleased with the outcome.

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