2012 – A Year To Remember

Wow, it doesn’t seem like it’s been five minutes since I was last doing a review-of-the-year post, but so much has happened since then! It’s been a pretty memorable year for a lot of people I think, with the Queen’s Jubilee, and then the amazing London 2012 Olympic Games, which had everyone glued to their TV screens.

I’ve had a memorable year too. This year, I:

– Was a Games Maker at London 2012
– Saw the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed through my hometown
– Flew a plane (well, a light aircraft)
– Watched a rugby match at Twickenham
– Completed another Open University course, in English Grammar
– Visited Westonbirt Arboretum to see the beautiful autumn colours with my friend Sarah
– Participated in three craft swaps on Craftster
Learnt to knit
– Made a very successful Millionaire’s Shortbread
– And an epic five-layered pink cake
– Won a mouse
– Managed to do 30 Days of Creativity for the second year running
– Had a stall at my first Handmade Maker’s Market
– Gave a well-received talk about making button jewellery at a local cancer support group (I’ve already been rebooked for next year!)
– Ate at Wagamama for the first time!

I had not one but five New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 – though they were less like resolutions and more like mission statements:

1) Learn to knit and make at least one tiny bobble hat for innocent’s Big Knit campaign – After a bit of a slow start, and almost leaving it too late (again) I made five little bobble hats in the end. I do like a nice, straightforward, achievable New Year’s Resolution!

2) Get organised where it matters – I had some success with this (though the last-minute bobble hats mentioned above might beg to differ). Mostly it came down to writing essays for my OU course with a plan and plenty of time to spare, which made the whole experience a lot less stressful. I also started to set more reminders, start things before I needed to, and organise my spare time more efficiently. This will come in handy for 2013 as things are going to get very busy and I need to squeeze more ‘stuff’ into the same amount of time!

3) Try to avoid spoilers, whether this be to do with people, places, plans or presents – Again, some success with this. For the most part, I have tried very hard not to spoil things for myself by over-researching them, and I’ve been able to avoid too many spoilers from other people – though there were a lot of GamesMaker-related things that I just stumbled across by accident on Twitter! Generally though, I’ve enjoyed the surprise of finding things out for the first time when I’m supposed to, and not because I’ve looked them up on the internet. Also, having to relax about plans etc has made me a much more chilled out person, which is nice.

On the other hand, having gone for a spoiler-free birthday and not given anyone any hints as to what I’d like, present-wise, I didn’t get anything I had on my secret wish list, so the wish list returned for Christmas!

4) Become more cultured – I had all sorts of big plans for this one, but sadly lack of time and funds meant that I didn’t see a ballet, opera or classical concert. I did, however, read a lot of classic books this year (thank you, charity shops with cheap books, and libraries with free ones). I’ll elaborate on this once I can find the list of books that I read this year (based on this one). I should probably watch more classic films too.

5) Be more positive! – this was interesting. Initially I struggled with the difference (not always obvious) between negativity and honesty. Sometimes I can be very bluntly honest, and sound negative, but don’t mean it that way! After working this out, I worked on putting a positive spin on things. The effect it had on other people was intriguing. British people (broadly speaking) like to complain and moan about things, so when someone did just that, I would try and turn whatever they were complaining about around, so that they could see the positive side. Surprisingly, most people agreed with the positive side, but seemed bemused that they ‘hadn’t thought of it that way before’. They might have just been being polite, but I like to think I’ve spread a little positivity around this year, as well as encouraging myself to be more positive.

Pretty successful this year, methinks. Now, what new New Year’s Resolutions shall I make?



3 responses to “2012 – A Year To Remember

  1. I like the sound of your year, and your honesty! I also like that I did two of your list as well, and I must admit that seeing the Olympic Torch go past was a brilliant moment. Also on my list of personal highlights was going to Westonbirt with you (although there is one moment I do feel bad about!) – it was lovely to share that with you – and I admit to feeling very privileged to be asked.
    I’ve not done as many things as I would have liked, but I have done some…. I started to needlefelt, took more photos, saw more of friends, and made more jewellery. I also bought myself a lino printing kit – I’ve wanted to do that for AGES. I also got engaged, which is a pretty big thing 😀
    You’re a bit of an inspiration to me, and I love that you’re my friend. (I should point out that this *is* a sober NYE!) I look forward to your achievements in 2013 too.

  2. I’m all about the honesty – perhaps too much sometimes!
    I’m a little bit intrigued about the moment you feel bad about…? I’ll link to your Flickr photos of Westonbirt from this post if you like.
    I’d love to try lino printing. I got a screen printing workshop voucher for Christmas so I’m looking forward to trying that out. Printing could be a new hobby for both of us by the end of 2013!
    Getting engaged is a big thing, I agree 😉 Looking forward to helping out with the wedding in any way I can, if you want me to!
    Thank you for such a lovely message. You’re absolutely an inspiration to me too! (I think the New Year has made me a bit gushy :P)

    • Please do feel free to link to my pics, that would be fab. I love screen printing too – can’t wait to see what you think of it. Your help would be much appreciated, thank you!! Gushy is good 😉

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