30 Days of Creativity – A Review

Phew! This year’s 30 Days of Creativity are over!

I’ve managed all but five days of 30DoC this time, and I’ve got ideas for what to do for four of those days (Day 20 – theme is Plaid, Day 21 – T-shirt, Day 24 – Coffee and Day 30 – Star, if you’re interested), though actually creating said items will take longer than one day’s worth of creating, hence why I haven’t done them yet! Still stuck on what to do for Day 29 – Blocks as I sold our Lego last year and can’t think what I could do with any other types of block. Anyone have any suggestions?

30DoC this year has been interesting. Last year I had a list of ‘must-do’ projects that I made whether they were anything to do with the theme or not. I also made a lot of jewellery, which was cheating a little bit as I make jewellery all the time anyway! This year I have been quite strict about following the daily themes, and it’s actually forced me to be more creative. True, I still made jewellery for some of the days, but I also practised my long-neglected graphics skillscooked and baked, tried out some cross stitch for the second year running, and did some photo editing, amongst other things. Quite a mix, if I say so myself!

I hope you enjoyed my 30DoC posts, look out for the missing days once I’ve found time to create their items!



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