Day Four – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

Today’s theme was ‘trousers’…!

A random choice, but I had a project in my recon(structing) basket that would fit the bill perfectly. I went to a pyjama-themed party a while back, and instead of wearing my actual pyjamas (that would be weird), I bought a set of stripy men’s pyjamas and wore the top part back to front as a sort of bustle dress. I used a bit of fabric from one leg to fashion a natty bow for a headband to complete the look:

But what was I to do with the remainder of the pyjama trousers? They weren’t particularly wearable. They’ve been sat in my recon basket for ages now, and today I decided to do a simple makeover on them to make them wearable. This basically involved taking them in at the waist a bit (they’re a men’s L size, and I’m not!), cropping the legs to match the bit I cut off to make the headband, and adding some romantic little bows at the bottom by creating channels to hold ribbon in the fabric. Such an easy thing to do: I just folded the fabric over on the inside of the bottom of the trouser legs, stitched it with enough room to fit the ribbon through, and fed the ribbon through with a safety pin to help me. You don’t even have to sew in a particularly neat way because the stitching is mostly hidden in the gathers:

Close-up on the bow:

Naff ‘before’ pic:

I love adding ribbon or bows to anything, it makes things instantly prettier and more feminine!



2 responses to “Day Four – 30 Days of Creativity 2012

  1. These are lovely! They remind me of a pair of black and pink striped jeans I had. I wore them to death and then made them into shorts.

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