It’s that time again: 30 Days of Creativity

After the great time I had doing last year’s 30 Days of Creativity, I’ve decided to do it again this year!

In the words of the 30 Days of Creativity initiative themselves:

30 Days of Creativity is a global social initiative encouraging people to create stuff (anything) every day for 30 days in June.  2012 is our 3rd year. We hope to make it a big one.

Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger.

Last year I had a lot of ‘must-do’ projects, whereas I’m not so constrained this year. However this kind of leads to there being ‘too many options’ of what to create so I am going to be following the 2012 Inspiration Calendar pretty closely this time, though I will do my best not to take it literally!

Let me know if you’ll be doing any creative things for #30DoC, or if you have any suggestions for what I can create.

Happy creating!



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