Another year over….and a new one just begun

So said John Lennon, way back in 1971.

I’m one of those people who likes to reflect on the year that’s just finished and look forward to all the things I’m going to achieve in the next year. We used to be one of those families who did a naff Christmas newsletter to send round to long lost friends and relatives, which was always a good way of remembering what I’d done over the year. This year I’m going a bit modern and doing the equivalent online instead!

In no particular order, here are the highlights of my year. I:

– Made my first ever lemon meringue pie, from scratch, and it was a good one (though I have to work on my meringue-making skills a bit)
– Caught up with old friends in London and did some sightseeing too
– which included visiting Buckingham Palace and seeing *that* wedding dress
– Started and completed my latest OU course (U101 Design Thinking: Creativity for the 21st Century) with pretty good grades
– and created a board game based around the daily life of chickens as part of the course
– Made pumpkin pie for the first time which was a roaring success with those brave enough to try it
– Was a volunteer supporter at Oxfam’s Trailwalker for the second year running, but did three shifts this year instead of one and also got to hand medals out to finishers
– Went to an Etsy meetup in Brighton with my friend Dearest Jackdaw, and decided I need to find or create an Etsy group closer to home
– Memorised pi to fifty decimal places as part of my 2011 New Year’s resolutions (more of which later)
– Got through to the interview stage to be a London 2012 GamesMaker (still waiting to hear back about it at the moment)
– Completed the @createstuff 30 Days of Creativity in June
– Celebrated Towel Day
– Completed a nine week fitness programme in the summer, burning 12,000 calories and completing over 50 hours of exercise overall
– Attended my best-friend-from-secondary-school’s wedding, for which I made button bracelet favours
– Co-created, contributed to and performed in that epic work-based presentation that I keep going on about 😉
– Saw the wonderful Leisure Society perform with the Heritage Orchestra at the Barbican
– Visited Norway and saw the Aurora Borealis (more on this later).

I also like to review the success of the year’s New Year’s resolutions at the end of the year. I had four official ones in 2011:

a) Do yoga at least five days out of seven – this happened until the summer, when I began the aforementioned nine week fitness programme, followed by a gentler three week programme. The idea of doing yoga for five days out of seven morphed into doing any form of exercise for those five days. I started going swimming once a week and coupled that with four days of the fitness programme per week. I was doing really well until the final assessment for my OU course loomed, which took priority over everything else. Since then I’ve been a little lax but hey, it was the end of the year and everyone’s entitled to a bit of time off aren’t they?! I’ve restarted the regime with a little cardio session yesterday and will aim to start doing some yoga again too.

b) Get comfortable with people invading my personal space – This is a strange one. I’ve definitely got better, but a lot of people around me are still wary of invading my personal space! This one needs perhaps a bit more work to deal with the don’t-touch-me vibes I’m apparently still giving out…

c) Memorise pi to at least 50 places – I only got round to this towards the end of the year but it was always going to be a fairly easy one because I’m a numbers geek. I’ve got it printed out and stuck on the wall of my room at work and people love to test my ability to recite it from memory.

d) Join in with activities that I might otherwise regret not participating in – This was the biggie, and means I’m not allowed to wuss out of things. It’s definitely made me do more things than I might otherwise have done, and I can’t think of anything that I didn’t join in with over the last year.

These NYRs (apart from the memorising pi one) have now become three new guidelines for how I want to be, so they’re more like mission statements now than statements of intent. So I’ve got room for some new NYRs!

What have you been up to this year?



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