2012 New Year’s Resolutions

This year’s New Year’s Resolutions are a bit broader and far-reaching than last year’s, and I’ve bumped it up to five this year. I like a challenge!

1) Learn to knit and make at least one tiny bobble hat for innocent’s Big Knit campaign. I’ve been meaning to knit one of these bobble hats for years now, and with time passing increasingly quickly (or so it seems), no sooner have I said ‘I’ll definitely learn in time for next year’s Big Knit’ than said Big Knit rolls round again and I’ve still not learnt to knit. Making it an official NYR means I have to do it this year!

2) Get organised where it matters. If I’ve got a project or something important that needs to be done, I’m now not allowed to put it off until the last minute. Generally doing something last minute and on a low budget can help me produce some of my best work, but sometimes things need to be done early or with plenty of time to spare and room to manoeuvre.

3) Try to avoid spoilers, whether this be to do with people, places, plans or presents. This could contradict (2) but getting organised doesn’t mean I have to spoil things for myself by knowing too much about them. It’s very tempting to do my fountain-of-all-knowledge thing when going somewhere or doing something but I think I’d like to have some little surprises this year.

4) Become more cultured. Whilst it’s tempting to blame my lack of ‘culture’ on growing up in a cultural backwater, it’s really no excuse. I feel like I should know what people are talking about when they discuss Nietzsche or quote Vonnegut, I should have seen a ballet/opera/classical concert/theatrical production by now, and I should have read more ‘classic’ books. Does anyone have suggestions for what I can do to become more cultured this year?

5) Be more positive! I’ve a tendency to use defensive pessimism far too often (though apparently it can be a good thing ). I see the negative in most situations. I’d like to try to limit the number of negative things that I say this year, and only say positive things.

Like I said, I like a challenge!

What New Year’s resolutions have you made, if any?



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