Tweet tweet

Today is my 3rd Twitter birthday! How time flies when you’re having fun.

I joined Twitter at the end of 2008, just as its popularity in the UK was starting to increase dramatically. I’d recently signed up to run the London Marathon for Save The Rhino and was hoping I’d find some sponsors, and maybe a few fellow runners to talk to. As it happens, I did find a lovely little group of runners to talk to, and we all helped and supported each other through the training. Post-marathon, we arranged a mini ‘tweetup’, and even now I am still in contact with pretty much all of them.

Three years on, and I’ve made some great friends; inspired people and been inspired; followed countless links and seen some really random stuff (and some truly beautiful stuff).

Non-Twitterers can be a little harsh about it, saying things along the lines of it being a bunch of narcissists all tweeting what they had for breakfast and sharing their thoughts as if they’re the single most important person in the world. I’ll be honest, there are a few people who seem to tweet their every meal (mentioning no names…Kai?). But I think once people get into using it regularly and make some friends with similar interests, it becomes much less self-focused and more about the conversation. When I’ve tried to explain it to people, I generally use the analogy that it’s like a chatroom, but moves at the speed of a forum. Or that, unlike Facebook (in my experience at least), it’s far more about meeting new people, sharing information etc. It seems to be based on shared interests rather than shared schools or workplaces.

Twitter’s one of the first places I turn to for updates on news stories or to know what’s going on in the world. I love watching my timeline fill with tweets about big or popular TV shows. I know I can ask for opinions or advice and my followers will be willing to help out (as I am to return the favour).

Here’s to three more years, and lots more new-found friends!



One response to “Tweet tweet

  1. I’ve met some lovely people through Twitter – you, for example! I don’t always feel like I get the balance right, although it does get easier, and there is nothing better when you’re having a good chat with several people who would otherwise be unconnected.

    There are people I follow who swear and moan, and those I follow whose every tweet puts a smile on my face. I love it when you find commonality across the board – I also like that it introduces me to some great blogs 🙂

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