Not your average card

It’s my uncle’s wedding on Friday, and my mother tasked me with making a ‘congratulations’ card (she knows I like making cards and that I’m sort of reasonably creative in that respect!)….not wanting to just make any old  ordinary card, I decided to laser cut a motif for the front that was commemorative and personalised, and could also be decorative:

It’s made out of laser cut plywood, painted with gold ink (which is sparklier in real life than in the pictures) and has a little mirror tile to represent a diamond.

I’ve used a couple of small sticky pads to temporarily hold the rings to the card, and added a ribbon that the happy couple can use to hang said trinket in their house. The ribbon also riffs on the idea of ‘tying the knot’ because it’s tied in a knot in the middle of the rings.

What do you think?



One response to “Not your average card

  1. How gorgeous! I’d love to see the finish in real life – it looks lovely, and very effective. I’m sure they’ll absolutely love it!

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