Failure can be good

I often fill my Sunday afternoons with experiments using my laser cutter – nothing scientific of course, just trying out new techniques, ideas, styles of jewellery. Sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t – sometimes an idea that I’ve carried around in my head for weeks just doesn’t work in real life, and sometimes an idea I think up on the spot works really well. It’s hard to predict, and easy to get disheartened by the things that don’t work.

The other day, I happened to read this Etsy blog post on the subject of failure, and how it can be good. The selection of videos in the featured playlist are really inspiring and thought-provoking. It reminded me of a chapter early on in the Open University design course that I’ve just completed, which was all about learning to fail:

Learning from failure is the best way of improving the thing that you are working on!

As it is, I think the things I made today that actually worked were better, and more interesting, than the original ideas. Failure is good!



One response to “Failure can be good

  1. Things not going to plan can definitely be a good thing – I love the concept of a happy accident, and how ideas can change once you get hands on. I also like how techniques and end results evolve as you become more experienced. I’ll check the videos out tomorrow!

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