Colour Me Happy

I’ve been looking through all my inspiration folders today, which are filled with magazine and newspaper cuttings, and it struck me that I’ve kept a lot of pictures of things because I like their colour combination rather than the items themselves. I love bright colours (as perhaps evidenced by the current range in my Etsy shop) and like colour combinations that might make normal people cringe.

There’s a kind of science to constructing colour schemes that work. It’s based on the infamous colour wheel and the idea of complementary and analogous colours. Colour theory states that there are several combinations of colours that work well with each other, including those opposite on the colour wheel (complementary), those next to each other (analogous) and evenly spaced around the wheel (triadic or square). 

Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel - Viktor Hertz/Flickr

I’ve just been playing around with this Colour Scheme Designer site and just thinking of all the things I can make in a nice ‘accented analogic’ style (ie. as clashing as possible!). What’s your favourite colour or combination of colours?


PS. ColourLovers is another very useful and inspirational site for finding colour schemes. Go check it out!


One response to “Colour Me Happy

  1. I’m drawn to images for their colourways as much as the content too. I’m interested to look into the evenly spaced colours which work together, as I’m sometimes surprised by colour combinations which work. I could look at the colour wheel all morning!

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