Adventures in Baking: Pumpkin Pie

I like to bake things to suit an event or special occasion, so what with it being Hallowe’en this week, I decided to try making pumpkin pie for the very first time. I know it’s generally considered to be more of a Thanksgiving thing in the USA but I think it’s just as appropriate for Hallowe’en. According to the fountain-of-all-knowledge that is Wikipedia, pumpkin pie went on a bit of a global journey before becoming the traditional American classic that’s made today.

I believe I’d only had pumpkin pie once before, on a family holiday in Florida when I was about 11. I remembered liking it, but couldn’t really remember what it tasted like. After scouring the internet for a good recipe written in British weights (ie. grams or ounces, not ‘cups’ because who knows if I’ve got the same size cups as they have in the US!), I found this article on the Guardian website, which discussed the writer’s attempts to create the perfect pumpkin pie. It was actually really interesting to read her thoughts on each stage of the recipe’s development, and her reasoning behind trying particular things. Helpfully, the recipe was included at the end, so I decided to try it!

Apparently tinned pumpkin is quite easy to find in the USA but I failed to find any over here, so starting from scratch was my only option. It’s a route I would prefer to take anyway even if I had found tinned pumpkin, because I think things taste better when one has put the most effort into making them. I’d never cut up a pumpkin before and this was one of the most time consuming bits. It’s got seeds and stringy bits inside, like a melon, but they are so much harder to remove! I spent a good half an hour scraping seeds and fibres out of the smallish pumpkin I’d bought. Following the recipe, I created the filling, but then realised I only had about 15g of maple syrup, so a quite scout through my baking cupboard (coupled with a quick Google search for other recipes) resulted in about 60g each of light muscovado and light brown soft sugar being combined with the maple syrup in order to make it up to 140g. I’ve no idea how much this affected the recipe overall but I will probably use the same combination next time.

Eventually, the pie was done, and with some trepidation I tried a small piece. Interesting texture…. unusual flavours…..mmmm, actually, I liked it! Success! It’s quite a time-consuming thing to make so I was very very glad that it turned out OK. And hey, despite the amount of sugar it’s got in, that pumpkin content must make it practically a health food, right?

What spooky edibles did you make for Hallowe’en?



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