Open and Closed

A colleague of mine (in my day job) is leaving the company to set up a cafe/art gallery/therapy centre/craft party venue in the Midlands. For part of her leaving present, I was asked to make an open and closed sign for the front of her shop. I know she’s a big fan of chickens (her Orpingtons are spoilt rotten!) so we decided to incorporate a chicken (or technically two) into the sign. It says ‘Open’ in large letters on one side and ‘Closed’ in slightly smaller letters on the other. It was laser cut from 3mm acrylic.

Let me know what you think!



3 responses to “Open and Closed

  1. Another reason to move up to the Midlands!! J/k, that sign is awesome, very clear and very cool, like a mountain breeze…..

  2. Becki I love this, it’s fab! I know where I’m coming if I ever need an open/close sign for my non-existent brick & mortar store!

  3. I love it! It’s adorable! If I saw that sign in a door I’d swoon!

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