Day Thirty – 30 Days of Creativity – Pinecones

Today was the final day of the 30 Days of Creativity. I’ve been meaning to do something Andy Goldsworthy-inspired for the whole month but failed to find any natural materials to inspire me (and perhaps I was being a little fussy – I didn’t want to destroy any living plants for the sake of my ‘art’). I was out for a walk on my lunch hour yesterday when I found a park with loads of pinecones, so decided I’d make a little arrangement of them. The original idea was to make said arrangement in the park itself so that people walking past would be surprised by a sort of pinecone-crop-circle, but sadly I ran out of time at lunchtime today (collecting the pinecones took a while) and was forced to bring the pinecones home and make something here. Click for full size pic!

Pine cones

Can you tell what it’s supposed to look like?

I may well take these pinecones back to the park tomorrow and rearrange them in some sort of strange pattern and see how long they stay there for!

I’ll do a review of my 30DoC very soon, once I’ve recovered from it all…



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