Day Twenty Five – 30 Days of Creativity

Two lots of creativity in one day – today was busy!

I headed off to London first thing to see my stitched plant cell in the Stitched Science exhibition at the Science Museum – have to say it was really weird seeing something that I’d created on display in such an amazing place as the Science Museum! Sadly my photos of it in situ didn’t come out very well or I’d have shown you what it looked like in its posh perspex case!

There were several workshops going on at the exhibition, including helping to knit a planet Earth out of plastic bags, making a mini Martian or contributing to a giant knitted Jupiter. I still can’t knit properly so decided to join in a couple of the other non-knitting-related workshops.

First up was making a pompom to add to the rings of Stitched Saturn as part of the Stitched Solar System. I generally struggle with pompoms, maybe it’s my perfectionist streak kicking in but they never look as good as I want them to. Perhaps I just need to make more – they say practise makes perfect after all! Here’s my little pompom complete with googly eyes:


And here he is giving a fellow pompom a funny look for only having one eye:

Pompom giving a weird look

Hopefully Stitch London will post up a pic of the completed Saturn once all the pompoms have been made!

After my pompom-making stint I drifted over to Mr X Stitch’s table to try my hand at cross-stitching an emoticon. I picked the one I use most often and sat there stitching away for a good couple of hours until I’d completed it!

O_o Cross Stitch

Once I’d got the hang of it the stitches flew by and I like to think the back of the stitching is pretty good for a beginner:

O_o Cross Stitch Details

It’s definitely whetted my appetite for cross stitch and perhaps embroidery too, I can cope with those crafts in a way I just can’t where knitting and crochet are concerned! Though I think I will end up dreaming of little Xs tonight…



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