Day Twenty Four – 30 Days of Creativity

I was inspired to make today’s creation through having a little bit of an identity crisis. Occasionally I go to events like Etsy meetups, craft fairs and networking events where it would be beneficial to make it really obvious that I am ‘Becky Button’. I was pondering ways to do this, short of loading myself up with every bit of button-y jewellery I possess! Sometimes it’s just not practical to wear one of my laser cut necklaces or a long pair of dangly button earrings. Even brooches are kind of out of the question because they’d get in the way of my camera bag/handbag etc. Then I had a eureka moment, inspired by a couple of Twitter friends’ conversation about temporary tattoos. I knew we had some printable temporary tattoo paper from way back when, so I made some button-y tattoos!

Button temporary tattoos

They are of course the vector buttons that feature in my blog header, though I guess you could use almost anything. You just cut round the picture and peel it off the backing, no need for water as the ‘tattoo’ just sticks to your skin.

I’ll try to get some in-action shots tomorrow as it was too dark this evening to get anything decent.



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