Day Twenty Three – 30 Days of Creativity – Catnip toy

The 30 Days of Creativity theme for today is ‘plaid’ aka checked fabric. Somehow I only had one type of ‘plaid’ fabric in my not insignificant stash. As I didn’t have very much of it any kind of clothing was out of the question so, inspired by Battersea Dogs & Cat’s Home’s recently launched ‘Cat Knit’, I whipped up a little catnip toy for my cats instead:

Catnip toy

I don’t really go in for the typical fish/bird/mouse shapes when I make toys for my cats, because a) it would be more for my amusement than theirs, b) they’d blatantly scratch/bite/kick off all the extra bits I’d  carefully sewn on to enhance said fish/bird/mouse and c) it’s just a whole lot easier to make a rectangle than a fish shape.

It’s not stuffed with polyester filling as based on previous experience it just ends up escaping and I have to patch the toys up every five minutes. With this style, they literally just lick it, the ‘filling’ isn’t wedged in so the toy doesn’t usually explode catnip everywhere and they love the ribbons too!

UPDATE: Gave the toy to one of my cats almost quarter of an hour ago and she’s still rolling around with it, rubbing her face on it and licking it!



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