Day Sixteen – 30 Days of Creativity

Today’s creation was very quick and easy, following instructions from my friend Scrapiana‘s article in Issue 2 of Mollie Makes magazine. Her strawberry emery pincushions adorn the front cover and there’s a step-by-step guide inside to show you how to make your own. I went for the looped ribbon top for my strawberry, as I don’t have any pinking shears to make a fabric cap, or a beading needle to make a beaded cap. I didn’t have any emery sand to hand either so had to make do with polyester stuffing and just create a normal pincushion:

Strawberry pincushion



One response to “Day Sixteen – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. Love it, Becky! It has a certain Holly Golightly goofy elegance (which is a good thing, btw…). Can you possibly add its star quality to the Flickr Mollie Makes Strawberries group pool? That would be fab! – E x

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