Day Fifteen – 30 Days of Creativity

This is the second of those last-minute ‘must do’ projects, though I’m on an even tighter deadline than yesterday!

Stitch London is ‘a London-based global stitching community that anyone can join.’ Apparently they’re ‘taking over the world one stitch at a time’! They first came to my attention when the call went out on Twitter for Stitched Selves. Thinking that sounded right up my street, I duly made and sent a little Stitched Self off to Stitch London for their temporary display in the Science Museum! If you look carefully you can spot my pink-haired mini-me on the word ‘engineering’ (appropriately) in this picture.

Despite not living in London (and also being unable to knit), I signed up to their newsletter and waited for the stitching call to go out again.

When they announced another collaboration with the Science Museum – Stitched Science – I knew I had to join in. Now, I’ve known about this for a good few months, yet spent three solid hours this evening working on my science-y creation, ready to post it on a next-day delivery tomorrow then cross all of my fingers in the hope that it gets there on time!

Stitched plant cell

I’ve made a stitched plant cell for their display, with buttons and felt and embroidery, some of the neatest stitching around felt shapes that I’ve ever managed, and my first ever French knots (though their creation has not been for want of trying). I’m starting to sound like such a sewing geek, should I be worried?

Stitched plant cell details

If anyone’s interested I can tell you what all the different bits are, but I swear they’ve changed plant cells since I learnt about them at GCSE level, cos there were bits on the reference diagrams I found on Google that I did not recognise at all. Maybe the kids are just getting cleverer these days (she says, from the lofty age of 28). Here’s my original scribbled sketch of what I wanted to include in my stitched cell, the end result matches up pretty well, doncha think?

Stitched cell - plan



5 responses to “Day Fifteen – 30 Days of Creativity

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  2. I’m going to use this for my science homework thanks!

  3. I am doing a science project and i was wonder is that a plant or animal cell bc i need to know how to make a animal cell please respond

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