Day Thirteen – 30 Days of Creativity

I’ve got a selection of clean, empty yoghurt pots in my craft room – bear with me, this is relevant, I promise – which contain combinations of beads and buttons which at some point will eventually be made into jewellery. Today I fancied making a beaded bracelet so I used my ‘Stardust’-inspired yoghurt-pot-of-beads and came up with this lovely bracelet:

Stardust bracelet

The bead choices were inspired by the film and book ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman, both of which I love. I also had general astronomy in mind when choosing the beads so they’re supposed to suggest the idea of stars, galaxies, twilight, the sun and moon…I’d be interested to know if I’ve got that idea across successfully!



2 responses to “Day Thirteen – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. I love beads and I’m a real fan of Stardust, so I was interested to see what you’ve done! The colours on this are lovely, I really like the way you’ve used the amber coloured beads – lovely.

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