Day Four – 30 Days of Creativity

Today I had to make puddings for a birthday barbecue that I’m going to. As it’s June I decided to work with a strawberry theme:


So I thought I’d try out a recipe I’ve got for strawberry and almond tarts. The original recipe creates four large tarts but I thought as barbecues are fairly informal affairs that I’d create mini tartlets that people could just pick up and eat.

Work-in-progress tartlets

They don’t look quite as pretty once they’re cooked, but they taste *amazing*. Puff pastry + marzipan + strawberries = WIN.

Cooked strawberry and almond tartlet

I also made some strawberry samosas, but since their delicious content is concealed by an unassuming pastry jacket they’re not very exciting to look at:

Strawberry samosas

Hopefully everyone will enjoy them. I’ll report back!



One response to “Day Four – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. Louise Knight

    Those look amaaazing!!!

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