Day Three – 30 Days of Creativity

Today I had to make another birthday present for a friend (what is it with all these summer babies?! Though I can’t really comment as it’s my birthday next week…). I knew I was going to make her a bunting necklace but couldn’t decide on the colour scheme – it’s all very well making something that’s in their favourite colours but if they don’t actually suit those colours then a wearable present isn’t going to work! So I texted my friend and asked about colours that she likes and wears (but without revealing what I was making):

I love neutrals with shots of neon, bright sunny corals and turquoises, and all other colours under the sun! I like vintage things mixed with a modern twist.

Well I don’t have any coral-coloured acrylic so that was out of the running, but how well do you think I’ve matched what she suggested?

Bunting necklace

I’ve got five ‘flags’ leftover, enough to make myself one of these necklaces too, unless anyone else wants to offer it a good home?



2 responses to “Day Three – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. this is adorable! I love it.

  2. Louise Knight

    Oohhhh lovely! I need to get some antique gold chain so I can make mine! I may use ribbon now I think of it 😀
    Ps, this inspired my day 4! I will post pics later when I’m home.

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