Day Two – 30 Days of Creativity

Today’s creation was the result of a request from my mother to make her a bracelet that matches a particular outfit of hers. Here it is in all its glory!Button bracelet

I don’t actually feel like I’ve been all that creative today as I make loads of button bracelets anyway. It’s nowhere near as creative as the spur-of-the-moment improvised goodness of Dearest Jackdaw (jealous, moi?). Still, it’s something I’ve created so I guess that counts! It needs a name though, can anyone think of a good one?

I already know what I’ll be creating on Saturday, but I’m going to have to come up with something good for Day 3…



3 responses to “Day Two – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. LOVE the bracelet! I would never have thought to make buttons into bracelets myself.

    • Thanks! Lots of people don’t equate buttons with jewellery but I’ve been making button jewellery for so long now I don’t really equate buttons with clothes anymore 🙂

  2. Louise Knight

    Thanks for the links! You won’t believe the panic I was in racing around Wareham asking florists and pretty fabric shops whether they sell brown twine for my project today before all the stores closed.. And do you think anywhere had any?? NO! So I improvised.. Jamie Oliver magazine pages & a travel sewing kit that I found in z drawer in the house in staying at! Reading origami directions via my phone. Still, I got it finished in more time than yesterday!
    Can’t wait to get home & start blogging about all of this!

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