30 Days of Creativity

I get all kinds of random people following me on Twitter. However the other day one new follower really caught my eye: @createstuff, who are, in their words, promoting ’30 Days to create stuff. Anything. Everyday. June 1-30′.

30 Days of Creativity

Now, this sounded right up my street – I love creating things but often don’t get the time/make excuses/watch telly instead. As you might have read, I’m pretty hot on the whole New Year’s Resolution thing and take it very seriously. If I vow or pledge to do something I work hard at making sure it happens. I’ve now officially pledged to @createstuff to create something every day of June so I will make sure I do so!

I haven’t decided yet whether to plan my making or just see where the mood takes me on the day. I’m hoping that it will make me come up with some new laser-cut ideas because I’ve been pretty lax lately what with concentrating on my studies etc and I’d really like to expand my product range. I’m expecting my creations to range from the simple 5-minute job to the epic 5-hour masterpiece, but who knows!

Will you be joining me? If you’re unsure, 30 Days of Creativity have a very inspiring list of 30 reasons why you should join in. Let me know in the comments if you are and we can all be creative together!



7 responses to “30 Days of Creativity

  1. I’m taking part to encourage myself to get on and make things – I have a room full of materials, and lots of crafty interests – yet I spend a lot less time being creative than I’d like! I’ve got a couple of ideas in reserve for any uninspired moments, and I love that you are thinking anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours.

    Thanks for publicising the event, I’m really pleased I saw your tweet!

    • Glad to be of assistance! I too have a room full of all kinds of crafty creative stuff. There’s an ‘inspiration calendar’ on the 30 Days of Creativity website if you’re feeling really uninspired, I might print it off and put it up in my craft room just in case…

  2. Blogged! Rather nervous for the first few days but when I’m back home it should.. SHOULD be easier, shouldn’t it??


    • Good luck! I’m sure you’ll think of something good for those first few days, then you’ll be well away (and it’ll be a good excuse to use up some of your craft stash) 🙂

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