My first blog feature!

Just a quick note to share that one of my Aqua Marina necklaces has been featured in the Etsy for Animals blog as part of their Sea Turtle themed post.

Sea Turtle

It’s the first time someone has featured one of my items on their blog, so I’m pretty excited! I am actually a member of Etsy for Animals so they didn’t randomly stumble across me on Etsy but it’s still good to get a little bit of attention.

New range of laser cut jewellery coming soon …



2 responses to “My first blog feature!

  1. Awesome, well done you! I’ll be featuring your stuff on my blog soon so if there’s anything in particular you’d like on there just let me know!
    Love to know what the new range is.. can we have a teeny hint? 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to being featured on your blog, I’ll do a feature in return obviously. Can’t tell you what the new range will be yet because I haven’t quite decided – there’s a choice of at least three!

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