The best chocolate crispy cakes ever

Or so I’ve been told!

Mars Bar Crispy Cake

My lucky colleagues received more sweet treats from my busy kitchen last week  – this time it was Mars Bar Rice Crispy Cakes.

These are no ordinary crispy cakes, as the caramel and nougat from the Mars Bars adds a certain sweet gooey chewiness. I thought I’d share the super-easy recipe with you all so you can have a go at making your own.


5 Mars Bars (or equivalent non-branded version)
120g rice crispies
200g milk chocolate
50-75g butter (I usually measure this by eye rather than weight but roughly 50-75g should do it)


  1. Melt four of the Mars Bars with the butter – this can be done in the microwave in short bursts but be careful not to scorch the chocolate
  2. Mix the melted chocolate and butter  mixture into the rice crispies, ensuring that all the crispies are evenly coated
  3. Spoon the mixture into cake cases
  4. Melt the milk chocolate – again, this can be done in the microwave if you’re careful (and feeling lazy) or there’s the good old-fashioned bowl-over-a-pan-of-boiling-water method
  5. Spoon melted chocolate onto the top of each ‘cake’ and top with a small chunk of the remaining Mars Bar.

Happy baking!



2 responses to “The best chocolate crispy cakes ever

  1. OM NOM NOM!! These actually look so SO amazing!!! Must try them soon!

    Speaking of using marsbars in baking, my cousin’s other half (does that make him my cousin too?) is a chef and for my Mum’s birthday a few years ago he made a marsbar cake, which contained chunky chunks of marsbar inside the cake.. it was as you can probably imagine, devine!

    I will be giving your recipe a go on the next food shop!

  2. These really are incredible.

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