The many faces of a banana

I’m about halfway through studying for a degree with the Open University and have just started my latest module, U101 Design Thinking: Creativity for the 21st Century. It’s a new style of course for the OU, which to me has generally stuck to standard academic subjects (Maths, English, Modern Languages, Classics etc) and hasn’t really got into aspects of hands-on art and design. It’s only the second time this course has been run so it is very new indeed.

They sent through an interesting welcome pack (which I tweeted about because I was so excited about it) which contains all kinds of interesting items. The course will apparently encourage us to think of these items as more than, say, just a pencil, or a piece of paper, and use them in unusual ways. To this end, the introductory work for the course involves doing weird and wonderful things with the Welcome Pack. I thought I’d share with you the results of one of these tasks in my picture ‘The many faces of a banana’. We were told to take a picture of a banana inside the Welcome Pack box, which has a lovely green background, and then pick our favourite. As you’ll hopefully come to discover through this blog, I love taking pictures, especially those where I have to try and make a mundane object look interesting (check out my Houseplant Art as one example of this). I need help to pick one of these banana portraits to use in my course, so please let me know which you prefer.

The many faces of a banana

The many faces of a banana

 If you’ve taken any interesting-pictures-of-a-mundane-object, I’d be interested to see them. Might even make a blog post featuring my favourites…!



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